Five easy strategies to monetize your Website or Blog


Five easy strategies to monetize your Website or Blog

You have finally launched your website, congratulations! Your next goal is to figure out how to begin making money through your website or blog. This is the hard part but it need not be if only you know the right steps and programs to work with. This article will help you monetize your website or blog. I have covered five of the best easy methods to monetize your website or blog.

Sign up with PPC Advertising Programs

What is PPC Ad all about? They are ad networks which simply pays you when an individual clicks on the ad. The best known of the PPC ad networks is the Google AdSense. You will need to open an account with Google AdSense Google takes you through the process on opening an account through which you establish your unique account user name which allows Google to track clicks on your AdSense ads and pay you for such clicks. The AdSense ads could be in the form of image or text ads, also known as contextual ads as well. How much money you make depends on your keywords, so one key is to use high value keywords in your website content which are often searched for through search engines. Other PPC ad companies include Bidvertiser and Clickbooth.

CPM Ad Campaigns


You can also sign up with CPM ad networks, which pays you per impression clicks. Although CPM ads look easier because your viewers actually don’t need to do anything for you to be paid, nevertheless the payout is relatively small compared to PPC ad types. A typical CPM ad campaign can pay you about 10cents per thousand impressions. The good news is that many networks that offer PPC ads also offer CPM allowing you to use both programs at the same time. Ad networks offering CPM ads include AdBrite and ValueClick Media.

Text Link Advertising

Text link advertising can also help you monetize your website or blog. Once text ad network is integrated into your website (this requires some space on your website or blog), they begin appearing on the specific pages where you want them to be seen. It is always advisable to integrate text link ads into your most visible pages with popular content. They work very well with contents such as articles, and informative content or essays. The text link advertising works well if you have many other links to your website. You can also explore signing up with programs which will enable you to build more links to your website. The more links pointing to your website or blog will help to increase your search ending ranking, which in turn brings your website or blog more desired traffic. The following companies offer text link advertising they include Link Worth, and TNX.net

In-text Advertising Strategy

In-text advertising is another method to help monetize your website or blog. They are popular to many publishing websites and blogs. Once you sign up with In-text ad companies, the campaign is often attached to your various text contents. Often when you drag your mouse over them they may show a pop up window advertising which one may click on. Some of the popular In-text ad companies include Kontera and Vibrant Media. Depending on the popularity of your content and keywords, In-text advertising can work for you, one of its downside is that some viewers may consider in-text advertising a type of distraction, but it may be worth trying as part of your monetization strategy for your website or blog.

Using Popular Affiliate Marketing Campaigns

These suggested monetization ad campaigns works best with affiliate marketing programs which utilizes lots of content on your website or blog. You can integrate affiliate marketing campaign with a combination of these ad campaigns to help you monetize your website or blog. Affiliate marketing has so many benefits, an affiliate marketer requires no employee, no inventories, no rent, no product creation, no customer service, and above all offers unlimited income potential to those willing to explore it and acquire additional free knowledge about how to generate additional income on auto pilot.