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Affiliate marketing has changed many lives. It has been confirmed as a sure way t0 becoming financially independent.

Will you like to make $50(¥5,532)-$100(¥11,064) daily through affiliate marketing? Our strategy has been designed to work smoothly with the rewarding benefits ready to be enjoyed in a few months. Doesn’t it sound great to know that you can be a part of this plan and start earning in a very short while?

Let’s find out what this is all about

The secret and amazing potentials of earning huge income from amazon affiliate sits has been closely guarded by those media experts who have been enjoying the rewards for a very long time.

This is literarily giving you the opportunity to run your own business.

Starting from the bottom might seem even wonderful because you will already be earning good money, but that will be nothing compared to a few months later when you will be earning a minimum of $500(¥55,320) daily.

At this point, you should know that nothing good comes without a total dedication to succeed. If you are confident in succeeding, what can stop you?

This is what you will need to get started-

  1. A fast and reliable web host. From my experience in this field, I will recommend Bluehost- an excellent WordPress Hosting provider. It will be perfect for a beginner.
  2. You should understand the basic principles of using WordPress.
  3. Good writing skills.
  4. A clearly identified target market.
  5. You should also set aside a budget of $ 50 – 100/month to sort out marketing fees.

If you have these requirements ready then let’s go ahead.

Let us discuss some of the uses of the requirements we have stated earlier.

  • Woo zone Amazon Affiliates Bundle Pack: With this told, you will get your very own amazon store up and running in a very short time.
  • You will also need to select the perfect theme from the options made available at MyThemeShop. Be sure to choose very well optimized themes too.
  • Strategy to drive traffic, you main goal is to generate an enviable traffic.
  • For marketing on media platforms like Facebook and other networks, you will need to spend about $50(¥5,532)- $100(¥11,064) per month.

The Process:

  1. First you need to create an amazon associate account. You will need this account to receive the due commissions.
  2. Identify a specific niche that you will perform very well with little effort.
  3. There are different niches, you can choose technology and narrow it down or home appliances, wedding accessories etc.

For the purpose of this guide we will use the gadgets niche

  1. Next action will be the Installation of a WordPress/Woo commerce theme with the right plugins needed to launch your store.
  2. From the woo zone menu on WordPress, access the admin and search through the options for the category on amazon that you will prefer to import.

This is actually easy once you are looking at it on a computer screen.

  1. Locate the best gadgets available on amazon.

Tip- you should stick to between 10-15 products per collection.

  1. This is where you get your first traffic. For a start you can use the provisions made available on the marketing businesses available on Facebook, Twitter, Google or Instagram for a fee.
  2. To keep this crowd and attract more visitors, you need to regularly update your store with the latest and most attractive gadgets in your collections.
  3. You must also consider the negative actions of spammers who will attempt to storm your store with their fake goods. A little effort for maintenance daily will stop the actions of spammers.

You will experience the following features on the Woo zone Bundle:

  1. The autopilot feature will facilitate the smooth running of your shop when you have customers.
  2. You will be able to arrange your collection into different categories.
  3. ASIN imports will come very handy for importing your selected range of products into your store.
  4. The auto sync feature- this allows auto sync for all product features like the titles, price and description. It is important to aid your customers to always read the same information for every chosen product.
  5. You will not have any responsibility to maintain the operations because Amazon takes care of the orders, shipping, sales and queries.

Why should you jump at this opportunity from Amazon?

It will be easy to convince you why Amazon is the best choice. Please have a look at the following statistics for Amazon-

  • 107 Billion USD in 2015
  • $340(¥37,617)0 every second
  • $203576(¥22,523,648) every minute

Amazon has set the pace for more development and advancement of a business worth a whopping $1 trillion(¥110,640,000,000,000) annually.

Many online retail sites operate similar affiliate programs where they pay you a commission for the volume of business transacted through your access from your affiliate links.

At the first glance, the commission might seem very small- just 4%-12%. This can be discouraging for those who don’t know more about this affiliate program.

A site like Amazon has become the hub where everyone can shop for absolutely all their needs.

This means that you will always be able to make a good sale regularly on Amazon.

The usual trend of shoppers coming online to buy more than one item at a time is also a good advantage for you. This means those seemingly small commissions will add up to a figure you will be happy with.

Shoppers are also encouraged to buy more than one item by the good marketing strategies that tag a couple of items and suggest that they are usually all purchased together. This will increase sales through your link.

There are many rewarding benefits of working with a reputable site like amazon that already has a huge traffic and daily sales volume.

Why should you start your own business?

  • You will be the CEO, reporting to no one but earning a fantastic income.
  • A steady source of revenue. You will literarily be making money while you sleep. This is good because of the auto pilot feature that ensures the smooth running of your store.
  • With a good knowledge of internet marketing you should be able to manage a user base and hold their business by always satisfying their needs. This will require you to be creative and always create customized product bundles that will attract more patronage.

This has been the ABC of starting your own business through the amazon affiliate site builder. Start earning now.

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