Tired of courses promoted by “gurus” that does not explicitly reveal the secret behind being financial independent. How would you like to discover an easy way of making as much as $50(¥5,532)-$100(¥11,064) daily from affiliate marketing? Learn from a newbie who got real results. I stumbled upon this amazing information which I wholeheartedly want to reveal to you. There are other information that can promise amazing results and help you make money so easily with little investment.
A $30(¥3,319) investment may seem much just because you are yet to make yields, this guide if well applied guarantees you a profit of your capital investment in a day. Many systems today make ridiculous promises while promoting and advertising their services. They tell you how possible it is to make five figures in a day, they also say you do not need any form of skill to make money online. This method I will be revealing shortly requires English writing skills, monitoring of traffic skills and patience. This system does not guarantee you a specific profit. It all depends on how good you practice what I teach. If you are smart at work, you will definitely get earnings. Here are top 5 ways to make money without Adsense.
What technical setup will you need?
This is the first step, you have to be accustomed to all that is required for you to get started and start earning as much as you can. Here are what is necessary to start making money via affiliate marketing:
• A Blog/Website
• Little HTML and CSS knowledge
• Attractive English Writing Skills
• A Short Report/eBook
• An Email Auto responder
• Targeted Traffic
You must have heard about the highlighted requirements but know little or nothing about them. Well, you need not to fret! I will explain all that is required in details.
In the mean time before I begin this tutorial session, let me elaborate more on their meanings so the beginners can move along with us. This guide is not only for pros but for beginners as well.
• A Blog/Website: A blog is a web page that consists of entries and post of diverse niche run by an individual popularly known as a blogger.
• What is HTML and CSS: HTML and CSS are languages to create and brand your webpage as you wish with special effects. A basic knowledge of this is required to make creative, eye catchy and unique designs, highlighting the call to actions etc.
• An Email Auto responder: This is a service that repeatedly sends email automatically after one subscribes to your blog. It has awesome features that enables you determine the time interval of sending email courses. e.g: If you want to send 1 email to a subscriber for the next 10 days after he subscribes, this service provider permits that.

The Method to Earn $50(¥5,532)-$100(¥11,064) through Affiliate Marketing
Without wasting much of our time, let us get down to business! This system or method is simple and a revenue making venture for people that work smart. How much you make from affiliate marketing is a direct reflection of how much hard work was put into the system.
In order to get started you will need to own a blog. This blog will be visited by at least 100 people daily. If you do not own a blog, kindly build one so as to partake in the system. Whatever niche that is most preferred by you, endeavour to write powerful and engaging articles to drive traffic to your blog and make your first time visitors visit your blog again.
After that, you will create an eBook for your blog. This is the most important factor in this process. You have to create an eBook which is completely unique and eye-catchy.
Write an eBook with great information about your niche, putting into consideration your kind of audience. Make this eBook accessible for FREE. Ensure the eBook has a classy cover and an attention grabbing title.
If you are not skilled at writing an eBook, you can actually outsource from other professionals. After creating the eBook you then create a landing page for your blog. A landing page is where visitors’ access and it imperative you make it look attractive. All you are aimed at is driving traffic on your blog, convincing visitors to fill in their emails and buy your eBook through your compelling write-ups.
Different landing pages have different ways to convert. In this method, you need to ensure your visitor provides a valid email address and gets your free eBook. It is also a fantastic idea to create a landing page on your blog’s homepage. This is because; most of the visitors access your homepage more often.
What comes next is setting up an auto responder. The auto responder repeatedly sends notifications and the eBook through the email address provided.
Looking for an auto responder that will serve you well? MadMimi is the best choice. It is highly recommended, very fast and easy to use. This auto responder has video tutorials that can guide you and improve the usage of the application.
Why I strongly recommend MadMimi
• Very easy to use
• Awesome interface
• Affordable Price and services
• FREE up to 2.5k Subscribers
• Very cheap in comparison to aweber or mailchimp
After getting this system operational, the next action is to drive traffic to your landing page. This task is best done using Guest Posting. This method is well applicable on blogs of your preferred niche and author bio, leave link to your landing page.
This is a very crucial stage that needs to be meticulously done. Once you got the email address, it then needs to be converted into a buyer and for this reason you have to be careful while writing.
After this stage, you should be ready to reap from your smart work. You provided a lot of information without charges, now is the time to get your earnings from them. Either clickbank or Amazon associates is good, but more preferably I use clickbank which is the best affiliate network for me.
You will get a unique link, named affiliate for the product, from the affiliate networks. Include it in the email, when an individual buys it via that link, you’ll earn commission on every purchase. One amazing thing about affiliate marketing is the great possibility in earning more than the product manufacturer gets on his/her sales.
I believe this guide has explicitly revealed the secret of affiliate marketing and how you can get earnings from it. The master secret is simple, the more traffic and emails you generate, the more profits you earn. You are guaranteed $50(¥5,532)-$100(¥11,064) daily only if you work smart.