How to Start Advertising with little money


You don’t need a big budget to start in online advertising. In fact, with small money to work with, you can often find a profitable campaign. Once you have a profitable campaign, you can use the profits from that campaign to fund further experiments.

Here’s how to start advertising with small capital

==> Start with Google AdWords

Google AdWords is one of the most proven ad platforms on the planet. It pioneered and popularized the PPC self-serve ad platform. Hundreds of thousands of people and businesses have built profitable AdWords campaigns.

Furthermore, the techniques and methodologies of AdWords are relatively proven. Unlike Facebook PPC, Bing PPC or any other marketing method, Google AdWords has relatively little uncertainty.

So, with just $1,000(¥110,640) to start with, Google AdWords is likely the place you want to begin.

==> Aim for the Most Targeted Possible Keywords

Don’t worry about volume when you’re first starting out. If you spread your $1,000(¥110,640) experiment over the course of six weeks, that’s only $23(¥2,544) a day you need to spend. In other words, focus on ROI in the beginning and ignore volume.

Aim for only the most highly targeted buying keywords. Aim for specific product names, or aim for words like “cheapest _____” or “Best _______ review.” Use only keywords that someone who’s ready to buy would type in.

==> Set Very Tight Budgets

Use very tight budgets in the beginning to make sure your costs don’t escalate too quickly.

Set your budgets slightly below where you want to spend in the beginning. Let it actually hit the cap before moving it up.

If possible, get tracking software that allows you to see the traffic coming into your site in real time. That way you can watch your conversions come in live, or tweak things quickly if you’re not making sales.

==> Keep Testing New Ideas

Usually you need to test four or five different ideas before you find one that sticks. In other words, be prepared to spend $100(¥11,064) to $200(¥22,128) on ideas that go nowhere, as eventually you’ll stumble upon one that works.

Try all kinds of different approaches. Try promoting your product in a different country. Or try promoting with a different angle. Or try promoting to a very fringe keyword. Or try promoting to a main keyword in a unique way.

If you find a campaign that’s breaking even, that’s good news. That means that with refinement, it’ll probably be profitable.

Test, test, test until something sticks. Don’t expect a home run your first time at bat. Instead, be willing to make a few mistakes along the way. The most important thing is that you keep trying until something works.

If you keep tight budgets, aim for ROI first and test a variety of different ideas, you can easily get to a profitable campaign in under $1,000(¥110,640).